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City of Three Forks: Snow Melts and Rain Challenges

01/22/2018 10:44 AM | Anonymous

We know living in the Headwaters area, that winters can range from incredibly cold to downright mild.  This presents us with two challenges when it comes to melting snow and rain this time of year. 
During the winter, little evapotranspiration occurs and snow and ice remain on the land.  The water released by melting snow this time of year simply can not be absorbed by the frozen ground and as we can see, localized flooding events can occur as a result.  
The other challenge is with rain on snow and rapidly melting snow. This increases the possibility of flooding when storm drains are covered with snow, ice or slush. If the water can't get into the storm drain, it can result in localized street flooding. 
The majority of our storm water system relies on infiltrating water to the ground.  When we have large rain and snow melt events, the ground becomes saturated, and infiltration rates will temporarily diminish. Infiltration rates are substantially slower when the ground is frozen as well because frozen ground simply doesn't absorb water.  
Please know that City staff is actively working on these issues, but as you know, while we have a very dedicated staff, we also have a small staff.  We'd ask for your patience while we work to alleviate the issues as quickly as we can.  

We are also working on long term solutions as part of the our capitol improvement plan, but these solutions are still in the very early planning stages and will take time to fully develop and implement.

We're here to help.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 406-285-3431 or tfmayor@threeforksmontana.us

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